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Image: School pupils get seminar on HR in Burma 
Copyright: Andrew Saw

School pupils get seminar on HR in Burma

On Tuesday 21 October, the Bergen International Film Festival and the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights, will organise a movie and discussion seminar for pupils of secondary schools in the Bergen region. The focus will be on human rights violations in Burma and two movies will be used to illustrate the struggle of the citizens of Burma with their government. 20 Oct 2008 »

Image: STOP violence against women 
HRH Bergen

New AI report on rape and human rights in the Nordic Countries: call for action

A new Amnesty International (AI) report shows that women in some of the world's most equal countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, have little chance to achieve justice in the Nordic law systems. This shows a new report from AI presented by the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in meeting in the UN on 5 March 2010. Amnesty Student Bergen calls to sign a petition to the governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. 00 Jan 2000 »

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